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help for addictionAddiction is a complex and wide ranging issue. For some it could result in habits and behaviours that impact on daily life and simply make things difficult, for others it can result in serious and life-threatening illness.

Addictions can take many different forms; alcohol, smoking, drugs (both illegal and prescription), food (of all types), gambling, shoplifting, computer games, even Social Networking, work and even sex! At the heart of this issues is not the focus for the addiction but a much deeper problem within the mind. Addictions exist as a trap and cycle of behaviour and reward, where both the behaviour and ‘reward’ can be damaging and detrimental.

Addiction can cause immense pain and emotional turmoil, it can result in poor health, the loss of money, relationship and even be fatal. It also often affects those around the addict and have create secondary problems for others. The impact of addiction on others can also result in a downward spiral of guilt and shame for the addict.

Getting help and treatment for addiction is vital if the addict is serious about finding a way to remove the problem and go on to make a full recovery. Various forms of psychotherapy have been used for many decades for the treatment of addictions, as this tends to address the core issue. The length of treatment can be short (in the case of smoking cessation programmes) or take longer to complete. In every case the positive move towards better mental and emotional wellbeing is a step towards breaking and finally ending the cycle of addiction.

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