Having Relationship Problems?

From time to time many of us find the pressures of life can have an adverse effect on our relationships. These can be with our spouse or partner, children and other family members, friends or work colleagues.

Many people lead busy lives, struggling to balance our work or professional lives with our personal time. This can create challenges and issues in a number of ways, including; poor communication and communication breakdown, feeling isolated or misunderstood, feeling unworthy, undervalued or even mistreated and possibly abused (emotionally and physically).

Relationship problems can be caused by a number of underlying issues, some may be long-held beliefs and the result of experiences from our past. These in turn can result in a number of problems that affect us in our daily lives, such as issues with poor diet, difficult weight management (both in terms of weight gain and weight loss). Poor sleep, a lack of energy, motivation and low self-mood are all common symptoms.

By the very nature of these relationship issues it can be very hard to find someone independent to talk to and gain a resolution. Private therapy with a professional is a safe and confidential way to address this and take positive action.

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Ian Woodley | Expert in helping those with Relationship Problems

Ian Woodley helping those with Relationship Problems