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It’s Not Just Diet – Weight Management

In our modern world the emphasis on weight and body shape is everywhere, we are told that to be anything less than perfect is unacceptable. Thankfully many of us realise that this is little more than an ideal and one that is a myth.

However, weight management can become a serious issue for many people. It may have a powerful effect on maintaining self-image and confidence, it may become part of relationship problems and it can also result in a number of other issues, such as pain and discomfort, an inability to be active and enjoy life and general health and wellbeing. It can also result in clinical conditions such as IBS, diabetes and may even become a food addiction.

We treat those with weight management issues, both in terms of those look to reduce weight as well as those who struggle to maintain sufficient body weight. This treatment does not focus on diets but rather tackles the underlying issues that are often the cause of weight management problems.

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Ian Woodley | Weight Management Professional

Weight Management with Ian Woodley