Ian Woodley - Hypnotherapist

Therapy Sessions

Ian Woodley provides private therapy sessions for clients in Norfolk. Sessions take place at our private consulting rooms in Norwich and Gt. Yarmouth.

Sessions are held in comfortable surroundings… during the day from 9am to 5pm and evening sessions are available between 5-7pm.

All sessions begin with relaxed conversation and enable us to discuss the issues you feel you are experiencing and how these are impacting on your life. From this Ian is able to identify the best form of therapy for your needs and circumstances.

Hypnosis may be an appropriate form of treatment for you. This is often misunderstood and many people assume this experience is similar to the stage hypnosis acts we see on TV. This is not the case. In essence hypnosis is a form of advanced relaxation, which allows you to tap into the deeper levels of your unconscious, which is where many issues typically reside. By helping you to unlock these you are able to remove them and replace them with more appropriate thinking. This can create powerful and fast change. The experience can be pleasant and is often deeply relaxing, brining clarity and a greater sense of emotional balance.

Costs for Therapy Sessions

30 minute free consultation! Full sessions have a minimum of one hour.

The first session we provide is 1.5 hours in duration, of which the first 30 mins is free and without obligation.

Further session, which last a minimum of 1hr are charged at £50.00

You may book four pre-paid sessions in advance with a £40 saving on the standard rate.

Saturday appointments are available at no extra charge.

Contact me now for a private conversation:

Call 01603 381381 or Send Ian a Message – HERE 


"Become the person you want to be."

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